We love organic! and thats why we grow what we cook OR source it from local farmers. We will cook what you want to eat, but then you will love our recommendations. Try those.


No matter how adventurous a holiday is; comfort and relaxation is what everyone craves for. We know that! Sit back, relax and enjoy the proximity to nature at our property. The entire team of StonedAge is there to ensure you experience the pinnacle of comfort and a much deserved nice sleep in our cottages.


Once the stomach is full and the body is relaxed, you are at your best to DO stuff! Discover the areas around our property – refreshing waterfalls, tiring treks and the famous ALIEN point. Guess what? we can take you there if you need storytellers to walk alongside. Let us know.

Yoga Camps

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Himalayas Herbs tour

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Archery and Sports

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