StonedAge is not just a venture for us, it is a budding dream very close to our heart! We are old school and so is StonedAge. We realized that the only way to achieve our dream is to work towards it, the first hand research is what yields the best results - so we packed our bags and embarked upon this exciting journey to gain some experience of having a BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE – The Great Himalayas.

Our Best

Our energy and Passion: to build such a place is a miracle and madness. This place is a great example of human efforts getting blended with Architectural amuses. We have

1.) Three cottages with a rustic experience and extreme comfort.

2.) Two family/group stay deluxe rooms – dorms.

3.) In-house restaurant serving mouth-watering delicacies from Himachal.

Along with our specialities, we have the competent manpower to offer the best services to you at 2500 mtrs altitude. Our team has travelled more than 70,000 kms within India and experienced sleeping under starry skies of Rajasthan; of getting lost hiking alongside the coastline of Gokarna (Karnataka), of exploring living-root bridges in Meghalaya, Roaming around Himalayas. We met people and made friends out of complete strangers. We tasted food we never knew existed. We understood cultures and the differences. Above all, we realized and experienced the innate need to “belong”.
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor and Indoor Games
  • Famous Treks of Parvati valley
  • Adventure sports (coming soon)
  • Night Expedition & Safari
  • Expedition Events and Parties
  • Apple Picking Festival
  • Local Himachali Cuisines and Barbeque
  • Musical nights (Himachali Folk and Western)
  • Bonfire